About our name

In the ages of Kings and Knights, there was a period when the local people were not permitted to travel through forests owned by the king (remember Robin Hood?). They grew to believe that the forests were a barrier to them, and they came to accept that their local domain was all they could reach, and they had little vision into the greater world beyond the forests.

As times changed the outlying parts beyond the forests were released to the people once again (purlieu), and they were able to grow and expand beyond their horizonswithout fear or restrictions, and of course success was ensured.

Purlieu International is dedicated to providing the direction, leadership and vision to companies that see the incredible expansion possibilities of the emerging business world. We have the experience, the relationships, and the ability to guide your company beyond the forests to the treasure of success.

Purlieu International’s mission is to create value and growth for clients eager to expand into  emerging markets. We provide strategic business consulting in three (3) business development areas: a) Strategic Planning (mergers and acquisitions, business plan development, process improvement); b) Sales and Market Development (sales methodology and new market penetration); c) Acquisitions /Mergers ( (executive leadership / management, develop value proposition, define and implement ROI strategies)


Purlieu International has identified a unique niche in assembling cross-border strategic partners whose business focus and delivery models are similar. These companies benefit from strategic alignment through mergers , collaboration, and investment .Purlieu International is committed to identifying and implementing the specific synergies that will  bring those companies together to reach their financial and operational objectives.

Purlieu International is a innovative organization, providing high-level expertise in international business operations, channel development, distribution strategies, and marketing of key consulting services. The initial focus is providing two kinds of international efforts:

·         Development and expansion of existing companies in need of leadership, capital or growth

·         Creation and growth of companies in unique and new market segments


The Mission of Purlieu International can be summarized as: Direction, Vision, Leadership.